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Office Wave 




 Up to 12 office visits per year Zero Office Visits
Embarrassing Private at home
$4,000 + less than $1,000
Follow up visits required YOU OWN THE DEVICE

50-day Guarantee

The BPotent Process

Imagine climbing a mountain...

You're standing at the base of the mountain looking up.

The Goal Is 4/6weeks away.

But as you start climbing you start to feel different immediately.

  1. Base Camp 1(week)- you feel differently 
  2. Base Camp 2(weeks)- is a little different
  3. Base Camp 3(weeks)- very noticeable compared to week 1
  4. Base Camp 4(weeks)- Starting to reach summit--Complete Transformation

Exactly like BPotent Home Process.

You'll start to feel the noticeable difference all the way up to the summit. 


Every Single week you'll start to see your improvements 





 Immediately after the sale, you will receive the agreement to pay $89 per month for 12 months. You can sign it digitally, quickly, we never require your SSN. 


PayPal is NOT an acceptable form of payment for the finance agreement. The 12 additional monthly payments must be paid with Visa, MasterCard or Amex

Discount Codes only apply to payments made online, they do not discount any financed amount.

The science:

  • Revascularization that recruits Growth Factors
  • Promote Angiogenesis (Blood Vessel Creation)
  • Increase Blood Flow¬†

The Strategy:

  • On demand¬†coaching and psychological companionship-- BPotent members are family
  • Constant feedback and updates
  • Newest and proven methods¬†


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