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Erectile Dysfunction: B-Potent vs. Everyone Else

Most Companies Show You Comparisons Like These

It has been said, life begins at the end of your comfort zone. If you have experienced erectile dysfunction such as we have, your comfort zone has shrunk—no pun intended—against your wishes. Feeling uncomfortable would be putting it lightly; our lives felt threatened. However this article isn't about the problem. Finding a practical and  permanent solution should be the goal. To get to this goal, let's first do a self appraisal as to how we got here in the first place. In this article we compare the various offerings of erectile dysfunction  treatments to the IN HOME B-Potent EWPAT. (extracorporeal wave pulse activation technology)

The technology is proven to increase blood flow by repairing and spawning growth factors to generate new, healthy blood vessels.

Erectile Dysfunction Causes 

We are not going to insult your intelligence by bullet pointing all the causes of erectile dysfunction. We are confident you know what is ailing you. Even still, to arrive at the best solution, it's important to examine how you developed the issue. Erectile dysfunction is primarily caused by vascular issues, which are subject to how we live on a daily basis. If you are unclear about how lifestyle choices cause vascular or endothelial dysfunction (ED): click here to read more.


If you have an exogenous factor- outside of your control-perhaps you may feel like: "why is this happening to me?" "what if I'm a special case and cannot be fixed?"
As a collective of thousands of men, are here to tell you, regardless of which case you are—there is a solution for you in B-Potent can help.

Picking an solution
B-Potent isn't just about technology, it is about thinking for yourself. Part of the reason many of us get into this situation is because we are approaching our lives quite thoughtlessly. We place little thought on what we eat, how often we smoke, how much sleep we get, how often we openly communicate with a doctor. This has to end here and now.

Modern society is obsessed with immediate gratification. It is easy to see how this obsessed has lead us down a troubled path with our health. There is a difference between treating the symptoms of erectile dysfunction and solving ED permanently. B-Potent clients have chosen the latter.

This scenario reminds me of my wife's tires. She will drive indefinitely with a leak in her tire. When the indicator light flashes she will invariably ask me to pump her up at the service station. There is a timing element involved, if she plans to go on a long trip--- guess who has to drop what he's doing to inflate the tire? If I don't have the time to fill the tire, she may deflate on the way. This is like erectile dysfunction medication. You're filling the tire when it's deflating, not patching the leak itself.

Medications do not solve Erectile Dysfunction, they are medicines sold by companies to placate the symptoms. A real solution would effectively render them obsolete. Why not just take the tire to be patched for good? Fix the problem at its root source. Our methods, technology and philosophy are designed to address problems with blood flow comprehensively.

B-Potent vs. Medication
According to a 2006 study by Department of Urology at Columbia University in NY, roughly 30-35% of men are not responsive to PDE5i medications (ED meds). Until recently the "little blue pill" was seen as the gold standard to treat erectile dysfunction. This medication is a PDE5 inhibitor; basically it targets blood vessel function. This medication opens vessels so that blood can rush into the penis. However, here are several worries we have that could render meds not so great:

Erectile Dysfunction Complications

Erectile dysfunction medications do not cure, they are medicines sold by companies to placate the symptoms. A real solution would effectively render them obsolete.

B-Potent isn't against medication, some B-Potent members elect to incorporate them as an ancillary to their personal plan. Most members warrant the medication isn't needed after several weeks of membership discipline.

B-Potent vs. EWPAT (extracorporeal wave pulse activation technology) Doctor Visits

Finally we have seen considerable interest from many physicians in regards to EWPAT therapy. These doctors are offering the treatment in office for roughly $3,000+. However, we see B-Potent as Netflix and they (clinical visits) are Blockbuster.

In Home/On Demand vs Get up & Out, Don't Forget to Rewind

B-Potent is device to be used IN THE COMFORT & PRIVACY OF YOUR OWN HOME. We give you the tools to reap the benefits of this amazing technology without having to leave your home! Why spend time and money breaking your schedule, driving to a doctor’s office , waiting in a room to have a stranger poke around at your private areas. You’re intimately familiar with your man parts, we doubt you need help spreading gel and applying a safe device to that area. After the first session with B-Potent at home, you will see clearly…. it’s not brain surgery.

B-Potent Members
We realize we do not have a monopoly on male sexual wellness, in fact we like to think of ourselves as David versus the Goliath of pervasive health issues, big & fake pharma and lack of education. If you haven’t realized yet, we created B-Potent because we are obsessed with our goal of putting this chronic issue to bed---ugh, another pun. We sincerely feel honored that you would entrust us with one of the most crucial health issues men face.

Our members’ success is like our gold. Troubled men can find a solution that is practical, natural, free of side effects and they can do at home. Our membership has grown organically, just as most great things do. Our successful B-Potent member stories have built the arch through which we all walk to freedom from sexual dysfunction.


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