shockwave for ED
shockwave for erectile dysfunction

In the 1600's, Impotence was a Crime.

Wives took husbands to court...And, until recently all that was available to men was pills and painful shots. 

Wave Therapy Everywhere except..

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shockwave for erectile dysfunction

Pills & Shots were it. Until now.

Why has shockWave Therapy BEEN HIDDEN FROM US?

Pharma companies HATE competition. 

For so long they had the market on ED locked down. 

It was in their best interest to block EWPAT therapy at all cost.

So, what happened?

BPotent vs. OfficeVisits

Doctors started charging. Average $3,000, Minimum 6 sessions.

That's $25 per/min, or $1,500 per hour...Ouch.

Does it really have to be so expensive?



Here's the Breakdown

Aspects OfficeWave
Zero Pills
Wave Therapy
Max Results after 4 weeks
Follow up required
Private/At Home

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