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B-POTENT is a NEW and Proven, method to amazingly improve blood flow in men.

personal and private instrument we deliver to your door.

This device uses EWPAT (Extracorporeal Wave Pulse Activation Technology). This revolutionary science is clinically proven to be effective

Dr. Gregory Martin from NJ has been using this device for pain and to increase blood flow with "remarkable success".

"Significant increases in the duration and rigidity of erections"

- Journal of Sexual Medicine

"I must say this has been a blessing for me. I feel like a man again! I never would have believed this would work but after 4 weeks I felt like i was 25 again!"

- Steven, New Jersey

Remarkable success with my patients. The best treatment for ED hands down.

-Dr. Gregory Martin, New Jersey

One word, UNBELIEVABLE. I can feel such a difference, even when I'm not having sex

- Robert, Florida

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